PBB – NEOGEN Hereford 100K SNP bundles 2020

PBB have signed a new agreement with Neogen. This agreement sees PBB becoming the Neogen distributor for New Zealand. PBB have put together a number of bundles for Hereford that are aiming to offer discounts on the majority of SNP testing by bundling up a number of tests. PBB will be able to price individual tests on request.

Ordering DNA tests

  1. Fill out the Hereford DNA order form once you have taken your DNA samples. Please note that Neogen prefer wet TSU samples and that they will charge slightly more for hair samples and semen straws.

    Download the order form by clicking here  Fill out the Hereford order form electronically (by typing on the form).  Once you have taken your DNA samples.

  2. Email your order form to

  3. Print a copy of your order form and mail/courier along with your batch of samples to the PBB office, c/- PBB DNA, 75 South Street, or PO Box 503, Feilding 4740 . Attention: Megan

  4. The team will double check all the submitted info before we’ll start shipping the samples to AU (PBB has an export permit in place for all breeds). Charges may apply if we need to make changes to the submitted information or complete missing information/paperwork on your behalf.

  5. Once we ship the samples to AU, you will get a notification from us. From this point we expect the turn around to be approx 5 weeks.

  6. Once the tests are completed, PBB will be in contact with you. PBB will have complete oversight of the order status so you will be able to ring PBB at any time to get a status update.


View the Flyer below, or click here to download PDF.


If you require hair to be released from Massey for older sires, there will be a $10 + GST fee per sample, to cover the cost of Neogen hair card plus splitting fee.

Please advise PBB DNA of samples required.


Services/Additional Fees

  • Neogen Consult Fee - $130 + GST
  • PBB Consult Fee - $50 + GST
  • Hair cards - $4 + GST each (available from PBB DNA)
  • Wet TSU’s for tissue sampling - $3.05 + GST each (available via PBB)
  • Semen sample surcharge - $10 + GST

Prices above quoted if Neogen order form is completed by the breeder and hair samples are sent in on Neogen hair cards - otherwise PBB may charge a handling fee.

Please note Neogen cannot guarantee that all add-ons will be available for all samples, and due to highly discounted pricing there should be no expectation of free retesting. This also applies to resubmissions of failed samples.


75 South Street , PO Box 503,
Feilding 4740, New Zealand.
P. +64 6 323 0745
F. +64 6 323 3878

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