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Since December 2017, NZHA breeders have been able to Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) DNA test animals by using either 10K SNP test at Genomnz or 50K SNP tests at Neogen (previously known as GeneSeek).

The benefit of SNP testing over microsatellite testing is largely resulting in increased accuracy and genomic prediction. If you wish to read more about the benefits of genomic testing, click here.

What Service Providers are available to NZHA Breeders?

Choosing which test best suits your farming operations, dictates which service provider to choose and thus what form your sample needs to be.
The current choices of service providers which have verified their SNP DNA test for NZHA genetic defects and provide a DNA profile include:

  • Neogen - located in Australia - samples sent to PBB
  • Genomnz - located in NZ - samples sent directly

To break down the SNP DNA process, NZHA and PBB have broken this into 3 Steps:

Step 1 – What Test? - Which Test do I want and thus which service provider do I choose? (see below infographic. Click to view a larger version)

Step 2 – The Process - How do I take a sample and submit it?

Click here for a Neogen Hereford genotype application form

NOTE process steps 4-6 in the below infographic are only relevant for samples to be sent to Neogen. If you are sending samples to Genomnz, please follow the guidelines under Genomnz

Step 3 – Results - receiving and interpretation the results.

  • Parent verification records are checked by PBB staff and are loaded into the recording system (ILR2) once confirmed with breeder.  PBB staff will email you a Parent Verification report.
  • PBB will check the genetic conditions and email you a report that identifies each animal that was tested and their genetic conditions. PBB will also load these results into the recording system (ILR2).
  • The genomic profiles are send to ABRI and will now be used together with your performance data to calculate your EBV’s. Results will need to be in before the 3rd of each month and the EBV results are expected to update on the 20th of that same month. Once your EBV’s are calculated, you can login to Internet Solutions where you can find more EBV reports for analysis.


Parent Verification Options

If sires or dams of the progeny have been SNP tested at Neogen, then sire or parent verification can be requested on the Neogen application form as part of the Hereford bundle and inclusive of the cost.

In the circumstance where progeny has been tested by one service provider (eg Genomnz) and the parents by another eg Neogen, then services of TREE (Theta) and PBB need to be sourced at an additional charge.


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