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Bull Sale Results

1st Oct, 2014

Name: LIMEHILLS, G & R Pannett
Top price purchaser: Benmore Station, Omarama
Comments: 32/33 sold. Top price Lot 8
No: 32
Avg: 6430
Top: 19000

24th Sep, 2014

Top price purchaser: Tomoata Stn, Pio Pio
Comments: Total clearance. N&K Chapman, Wairoa, purchased 2 sires at $2,800 each. Volume buyers were Atawai Farms, Te Awamutu, who purchased 18 bulls, and Grat farms who purchased 9 bulls, as did Burgenridge Ltd who also purchased 9 bulls.
No: 91
Avg: 2478
Top: 2900

18th Sep, 2014

Name: RIVERTON, M & C Cranstone
Top price purchaser:
Comments: All bulls sold to solid demand from loyal and new clients. Hereford Prime scotch fillet enjoyed by everybody post sale.
No: 24
Avg: 2653

15th Sep, 2014

Name: HILLCROFT, MA & FA Crawford
Top price purchaser:
No: 37
Avg: 2146
Top: 2800

14th Sep, 2014

Name: HUKAROA, Hansens Farms Ltd
Top price purchaser:
Comments: 13/13 sold
No: 13
Avg: 3484
Top: 7200

26th Jun, 2014

Name: MOKAIRAU, P & C Reeves
Top price purchaser: Waitangi Terrace, Te Karaka, Gisborne
Comments: Full clearance. There were 9 bulls sold for $8,000 or over. One stud transfer to Roger Wanklyn, Woodlyn Herefords, Ngatapa, Gisborne.
No: 37
Avg: 6557
Top: 9000

26th Jun, 2014

Name: WILENCOTE, P & S Humphreys
Top price purchaser: Wanklyn Stud, Gisborne
Comments: Other buyers of note: Potutu Stn; Wi Pere Trust; and Papahau Stn
No: 27
Avg: 6014
Top: 9000

17th Jun, 2014

Name: MATARIKI, DJH & RA Murray
Top price purchaser:
No: 46
Avg: 7097
Top: 11000

12th Jun, 2014

Name: KOANUI, FC, CC & JJ Chesterman
Top price purchaser: Monymusk Stud, Te Anau and Ngakouka Stud, Dannevirke
Comments: Total clearance. Also sold bull for $15,000 to Matariki Stud - Kaikoura, $14,000 to Maungahina Stud - Masterton, $11,500 to Earnscleugh Stud - Alexandra and $10,000 to Stoneburn Stud - Palmerston, Otago.
No: 59
Avg: 6650
Top: 16000

11th Jun, 2014

Name: PUTE, PG & JM Smyth
Top price purchaser: Top price (twice) to Stonyhurst P/ship and Wainuiru P/ship
No: 12
Avg: 6166
Top: 9000

10th Jun, 2014

Name: RICHON, R & J Stokes
Top price purchaser: Altonvale Stud, Wairoa
Comments: Sold 10/10. Second top price $8,500 to The Lakes Station
No: 10
Avg: 6270
Top: 9000

9th Jun, 2014

Name: MF, RD Martin
Top price purchaser: John Levy, Wakefield
Comments: Sold 7/8.
No: 7
Avg: 5400
Top: 9500

5th Jun, 2014

Name: MAUNGAHINA, JB & J McKenzie
Top price purchaser: Koanui Stud, Havelock North
Comments: 32/32 sold. 9 from 10 Horned Herefords at $6,466 with top price $16,000 to Herrick Land Co.
No: 32
Avg: 6678
Top: 20000

4th Jun, 2014

Name: , DJT & R Morrow
Top price purchaser: Kokonga Hereford Stud, Tuakau
Comments: Second top price bull sold for $44,000 to Orari Gorge Hereford Stud, Geraldine. 44/44 sold (3 immediately following the sale). 5 bulls were sold to the Chatham Islands. A number of bulls were sold to commercial buyers for $4,000-$7,000.
No: 44
Avg: 8054
Top: 55000

4th Jun, 2014

Name: ALTON VALE, C & B Brownlie
Top price purchaser:
Comments: Sold 14-16. Stud bull sold to Glacier Horned Herefords, Fox Glacier
No: 14
Avg: 5779

4th Jun, 2014

Name: KAIRURU, K & J McDonald
Top price purchaser: Keelryn Stud, Inglewood
Comments: Sold 25/27. Top price for Lot 1. Lot 17 sold to Herepuru Stud, Whakatane
No: 25
Avg: 5128
Top: 10000

4th Jun, 2014

Name: ORARI GORGE, R C H Peacock
Top price purchaser: Grant Family, Gore & Allen Family, Pleasant Point
Comments: Sold 29-31. Top price (twice)
No: 29
Avg: 5707
Top: 9000

4th Jun, 2014

Name: KAIRURU, K & J McDonald
Top price purchaser: Keelryn Hereford Stud, Inglewood
Comments: Full clearance. Top price bull Lot 1 - Kairuru Jetsetter. Three bulls sold for $9,000 and over.
No: 27
Avg: 5128
Top: 10000

3rd Jun, 2014

Name: BEANBAH, S & G Hain
Top price purchaser:
Comments: Also sold 14/15 Polled Herefords at an average of $5,164
No: 11
Avg: 4509

3rd Jun, 2014

Name: OTAPAWA, M & D Robbie & Family
Top price purchaser: Joint top price of $9,500 to Kairuru Stud, Reporoa and Capethorne Stud, Cheviot
Comments: Sold 25/29. Three bulls sold to stud.
No: 25
Avg: 5735
Top: 9500

30th May, 2014

Name: ROCK-END, PD & KM McCormick
Top price purchaser: Top price (three times) to Kaitoa Stud, Dannevirke and Bexley Stud, Mokau
Comments: Sold 15/15.
No: 15
Avg: 4426
Top: 5500

30th May, 2014

Top price purchaser: J Hore Idavale Ltd
Comments: 2 stud sires sold to Gordon Shearing, Otautau (Pourakino Downs) $8,000 and C Brownlie, Wairoa (Alton Vale) $6,000 and 3 bulls to Ngai Tahu Wakatipu and Matukituki Station
No: 23
Avg: 4643
Top: 9500

29th May, 2014

Name: MONYMUSK, CDB, LJ & HG Douglas
Top price purchaser: Steve & Donna Knight, Knightlands Hereford Stud, Whakatane
Comments: 30/30 bulls sold. Strong sale with large bench of buyers from Southland & Otago. Lot 8 Monymusk Halloween 120049 by Matariki Holy Smoke sold to P Thomas, Mossburn for $11,000. Volume buyers (3 bulls each): Cheviot Downs - Te Anau, Glenary Station - Waikaia and P Thomas - Mossburn
No: 30
Avg: 7068
Top: 11500

29th May, 2014

Name: WAIKAKA, Waikaka Station Ltd
Top price purchaser: Flagstaff Herefords, Hokitika
Comments: Sold 18/24
No: 18
Avg: 4894
Top: 15000

28th May, 2014

Name: WAIAU, CM & FC King
Top price purchaser: Excellsior Farm, Owaka
Comments: Total clearance except one bull. 50 Commercial Heifers sold for $1280 each.Thankyou to all buyers an under bidders.
No: 24
Avg: 5050
Top: 11000

23rd May, 2014

Name: STONEBURN, AE Denham
Top price purchaser: Stoney Summits Ltd, Balclutha
Comments: 22/23 sold
No: 22
Avg: 4118
Top: 7000


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