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       Consistent breeding

       under the Hood


       FORTY BULLS SOLD for more than $10,000 each, nine of     Koanui Polled Herefords was started by Chris’ parents,
       those for more than $20,000 and one for $51,000 at the Koanui   Fred and the late Annette Chesterman, in 1972, with Fred still
       Polled Hereford sale in Hawke’s Bay in 2018.          involved in the business. The Chestermans are continuing to
          The star of the show for owners Fred, Chris and Jennifer   expand their herd, calving 750 cows in 2018 and more than 800
       Chesterman wasn’t the top priced bull though; their eyes were   in 2019. The land total has grown to 1700ha, including 486ha
       on the 12 sons of Koanui Hood 3135, which averaged more   in Manawatu.
       than $15,000 each.                                       “We’re expanding gradually, for scope as much as area, which
          “They were the cornerstone of the herd sale for us,” Chris   gives us more flexibility to adjust things to get through adverse
       says. “They are balanced in their EBV traits across the whole   weather conditions. Definitely having properties in different
       spectrum, and phenotype-wise they are very correct with a lot   locations is advantageous to the overall balance of the business
       of substance. They are really what the breed is looking for at this   and how we manage stocking rates and where they are.”
       time. The consistency of Hood’s breeding has been fantastic.   Chris says there may be room for growth in the number of
       He’s the future.”                                     stud bulls sold, but they prefer to keep the depth of quality as
          The average price over 63 bulls was $12,296 each. Koanui   the focus of the two-year sale. “We also sell yearlings, mainly
       Techno 6179 sold for $51,000 – the stud’s highest sale price   to the dairy industry in the lower North Island, and sell other
       – to the Glenbrae Hereford Stud. The under-bidder was also   bulls and herd sires privately that we have used within the
       a stud breeder. The bull had been shifted from Lot 40 to Lot 2   breeding programme.”
       because of strong interest.
          The second top price of $34,000 for Koanui Hurricane 6110
       was paid by Andy Denham from Stoneburn Herefords in Otago,
       who made his bids via phone after being stuck at Invercargill Airport.
          Another highlight of the 2018 season revolves around   “THEY ARE REALLY WHAT THE BREED IS
       Koanui Techno 6179’s sire, Koanui Techno 3062, whose semen   LOOKING FOR AT THIS TIME.
       has sold well in Australia.                           THE CONSISTENCY OF HOOD’S
          “Techno 3062 has been widely used in Australia because of
       their grading system, for his high IMF carcass characteristics and   BREEDING HAS BEEN FANTASTIC.
       a strong set of performance figures across all traits,” Chris says.   HE’S THE FUTURE.”

       ABOVE: Waiting for the hammer to fall; Koanui Techno 6179 sold   ABOVE: Koanui Hood 3135 had 12 sons in this year’s Koanui sale.
       for $51,000.

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