Page 62 - NZ Herefords Magazine 2019 Edition
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a positive light. Country Calendar’s Facebook page had lovely   It was a slice of life at the time, Sam says.
       comments from both the farming community and town people,   “If we go to watch it in the future, it is a snapshot of who we
       Gemma adds.                                           were then. Our children, my parents; something to look back on
          “We talked about facial eczema, for example, and hopefully   and smile about.”
       people came away a little bit more informed, although that wasn’t   “It’s something we will always treasure,” adds Gemma.
       the goal. It’s entertainment but we’re also trying to portray, as   “And was really fun to make,” adds Sam. “The crew was
       farmers, that we’re doing a good job and we feel lucky and   easy to get along with, which made the process really simple.
       privileged to be doing what we’re doing.”             We had no idea how to carry ourselves, but once you get used
                                                             to the cameras, it was good fun.”

                                                            “IF WE GO TO WATCH IT IN THE FUTURE,
                                                             IT IS A SNAPSHOT OF WHO WE WERE
                                                             THEN. OUR CHILDREN, MY PARENTS;
                                                             SOMETHING TO LOOK BACK ON AND
                                                             SMILE ABOUT.”

                                                             THIS PAGE: TOP TO BOTTOM: The Haldon Station cows coming
                                                             home; A solitary Merino stands among the Herefords at Grampian
                                                             Station; The Nolan’s autumn muster on the Arawhata River.

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