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values for each trait, it is not surprising that relatively few bulls were   graded ‘P’. Meat quality analysis by PhD candidate Natalia Martín
       high  performers  for  all  traits.  Performance  of  individual  bulls  has   on the first group of heifers indicates that the meat is high quality
       been reported back to breeders for traits up to 400 days of age.  and tender, with few animals displaying yellow fat or high pH.
          The second cohort of calves will reach 600 days of age in   Further carcass and meat quality analysis will take place in the
       autumn 2019 so analysis of 600 day weight EBVs will occur then.   coming months, and in late 2019 for the second cohort.
       Carcass performance and meat quality assessment has begun,
       with all of the heifers and two out of three groups of steers in the
       first cohort processed before Christmas 2018. Despite a wide
       weight range (88kg carcass weight in the first group) in animals
       going for slaughter, more than 96% of cattle so far have been

       Beef + Lamb NZ Genetics

       Dairy Beef Progeny Test at

       Wairakei Renown: 2018 UPDATE


       FOLLOWING  THE  DEMONSTRATION of the effectiveness of
       EBVs for predicting performance in the dairy beef system, the
       project at Renown aims to identify outstanding bulls for use
       in dairy beef that perform strongly at calving, rearing, finishing
       and carcass stages of the supply chain. Just over 800 calves
       were tagged and weighed on-farm in spring 2018, and DNA
       parentage is currently pending to allow us to determine the
       performance of individual sires. Calves are now weaned and
       have moved to Pamu’s Orakonui property within the Wairakei
       complex for finishing. Calving was successful, with around 1%
       of calves assisted at birth.
          The second round of mating is complete, with pregnancy
       testing to follow in autumn 2019. We look forward to following the
       performance of the many promising bulls entered in this test.

       PICTURED: Dairy cattle at the Renown Farm, Wairakei.

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