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ISSUE  174  •   OC T OBER  2021
                   Hooked on

          The Bi-Monthly Newsletter of NZ Herefords

                B+LNZ Genetics Dairy Beef

                        Progeny Nominations

          NZ Herefords are the successful breed regarding       Beef + Lamb Genetics said ‘The project aims to
          the number of nominations chosen for the 2021       improve the quality of dairy beef calves in the industry by
          mating Dairy Beef Progeny tests. Out of the         identifying and enabling widespread use of superior bulls
                                                              for dairy industry. Top bulls can be used in AB programs in
          22 successful bulls selected, representing 10       the dairy industry and in breeding programs to generate
          different breeds, Herefords had 9 bulls selected.   good bulls for use over dairy cows.’
          Congratulations to the owners of the bulls which      NZ Herefords offer their support of the program by
          were selected. (listed on pg 6)                     reimbursing the entry fee of $1250 as they fully endorse
                                                                                                Continued on page 6

       DIARY DATES 2021                       CONTENTS

       3rd of every month grouprun cut off    2  NZH General Manager’s Report        10  PBB Update
                                                                                       - Quick tips for getting the best
       OCTOBER                                3   Registry Report                      from your DNA testing
       25     Labour Day                      3  Hereford Prime NZ
                                                                                     10  NZH Youth Development Forum 2022
       NOVEMBER                               6  Hereford Updates
       1-2    Council Meeting                 7  NZH Magazine 2022
                                                 - Advertising booking form
       3      NZ Hereford Magazine            8  Technical Update
              Booking Deadline                   - Days to Calving
       17     NZ Hereford Magazine            9  Spring Bull Results
              Material Deadline
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