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Member Constitutional Electronic Vote

Welcome to the NZHA Vote regarding the new NZHA proposed constitution.

We ask that you review the constitution as amendments have recently been made to several clauses including 1.3(b), 2.8, 3.16, 4.1(b), 4.10, 4.11(f), after member engagement and submissions.

TO REVIEW THE NEW CONSTITUTION CLICK HERE OR call the NZHA office on 06 323 0745 to request a copy to be posted to you. Voting closes on Friday 31st August, 2018 at 4pm (NZT).

Voting opens at 4pm Tuesday 24th July

Eligibity to vote:

To be eligible to vote, you must be a current financial member of the NZHA in the category of Annual Financial members (with cow herd voting allocations), youth (breeding members only), Life member or Honorary Life member.

Logging in with your Herd number and email address will automatically allocate the number of votes you are entitled to following, the criteria below:

1-50 cows:1 vote
51-200 cows:2 votes
201 cows or more: 3 votes

In some cases, as members you will be able to vote using your herd number and again as a Life Member. Life Members will have received a letter in the mail providing a separate herd number for log-in.

There are 3 easy steps to voting. Please ensure you have your Herd Number and email address handy.

Access the poll and cast your vote below:

Vote: Confirm Details

Please enter your voting verifcation details below. If you are unsure of your details please click here to email us

If you do not have an email address, leave it blank.


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Feilding 4740, New Zealand.
P. +64 6 323 4484
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