President's Report - Annual Report 2016

Presidents Report


It is my pleasure to present my report for the NZ Hereford Association 2017.

Since my election in May, Council has been working hard to deliver members benefits for breeders belonging to NZ Hereford Association.  These include, formulating a genomic strategy including liaison with international bodies on new developments like single step EBV analysis.  Continuing research and development by working in conjunction with breeders and B+LNZ Genetics in the Dairy Beef Progeny Trials, Beef Progeny Trial and the Trans-Tasman Beef Cow Fertility project. Promotion of the breed has included an increased social media presence with the additional assistance of our sponsors spreading the “White Faced Advantage” message through their channels. The marketing plan is for continued promotion of Hereford and Hereford derived genetics across commercial and breeder media outlets, Beef Expo, and Youth.

One of the privileges of this office is that you get to meet lots of people, see their passion, skill set, vision and commitment.  I know you will join with me in congratulating Laurie Paterson on his recent award of the “Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit”.  His contribution to the beef industry was rightly recognized and on behalf of us all, we thank Laurie for all the work and commitment he has given to benefit us.  It is appreciated.

On the 1st August, Posy Moody accepted the role as General Manager of NZ Herefords and is setting some goals and targets which will directly benefit members and Council.  NZ Herefords is committed to being engaged with the industry which is a particular strength of Posy’s, one we are already seeing benefits from.

I wish to acknowledge the service given to the NZ Hereford Association and its members by Donna Abbiss. Having already been General Manager for many years, Donna returned on a ‘relief basis’ which resulted in her being employed by NZHA for well over ten years.  Donna’s creative flair, warm personality and common sense stood NZ Herefords in good stead. Thank you Donna for a job well done and we wish you and your family well in your future endeavors.

PBBnz is looking at a governance restructure to a Board of around 5 members and has made some recommendations to Council that only one Hereford representative is needed on the Board.  Currently Philip Shepherd is Chairman of PBBnz and is the Hereford Association representative.

The PBBnz rebate, amounting to $13,768 is the first annual payment to NZHA.  In addition, the PBBnz Board has signaled it is their intention to pay a dividend to shareholders after the 2017 financial year.  This is a first for the company and reflective of a good year on non-core business units that sit with PBBnz business.  You will see in the financial report that there is a base service charge of $94,572.00 which is a cost of overheads to all PBBnz clients, worked on a formula of registered cows x members and standardized over all PBBnz clients which use cattle data services, with the exception of one breed (due to high cattle registrations and low membership, thus not fitting the model).  All other costs i.e. administration, registry are then on a user pays basis.  Both registry and administration are currently tracking significantly lower, year on year.

Paul Scott and Andrew Russo work hard to provide the Ambassador program that extends the knowledge and skill set of participants.  They were extended an invitation by Generation Angus to have nominated people attend the Generation Angus programme last year.  This year we hope to reciprocate the invitation to Angus New Zealand.  We are always looking for new opportunities to extend and enhance the Ambassador program. 

Lastly, I would like to thank our loyal corporate sponsors who supported us throughout the year, including Merial Ancare, Tru-Test, Honda Motorcycles, Goldpine and Claas.  We look forward to working with them closer in the following year and creating additional value for both parties.


Kind regards


Kind Regards,

Philip Barnett,
NZHA President


75 South Street , PO Box 503,
Feilding 4740, New Zealand.
P. +64 6 323 4484
F. +64 6 323 3878

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