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To comply with the rules and regulations of NZHA, all DNA samples to be tested at GeneSeek must be submitted through the NZHA office for testing – see below ‘Breeders Actions’. The PBBnz registry staff will then process and send off your DNA request. Results of these tests will be returned to the NZHA office and will in turn be uploaded to the database. As results are uploaded you will be sent a report containing the results of your tests. (see LINK to mock report). The fact sheet provides information to help you interpret the results.


  • Contact PBBnz registry and request GeneSeek hair cards to be sent – you need one per sample. (The Massey/PBBnz envelopes will not work for GeneSeek)
  • Attach hair to card as per fact sheet (see GeneSeek hair fact sheet)
  • Complete “GeneSeek Genotype Application” form (see GeneSeek Application form)
  • Send completed Application form and hair to PBBnz registry who will process, post and fill out the necessary quarantine paperwork


  • COMPLETED: this is a status of the lab request. The lab has completed the testing of the DNA sample supplied
  • INCOMPLETE: Another status The lab is still sending through further information
  • NO RESULT – DNA TEST FAILED: the test was attempted to be run but no result could be determined. This normally leads to further testing or a request for recollection.


  • RECOLLECT: the sample submitted to the lab is not viable and cannot be tested. Another sample should be submitted to the lab so the tests can be run. There are no associated costs to the recollect, as it is presumed the members paid for the test at the initial submission
  • ‘C’ = Carrier: this animal is a carrier for the specific genetic condition
  • ‘N’ = Non-carrier: this animal is free from carrying the alleles for the specific genetic conditions
  • ‘Q’ = Qualified: this parent has been confirmed as correct
  • ‘E’ = Excluded: this parent has been confirmed as being incorrect. The incorrect pedigree line will be removed from the pedigree tree. Alternative parents should be submitted to the Association for testing to confirm correct parentage. New parentage cannot be added without DNA confirmation
  • NO RESULT: There is a missing piece of information. The parent verification could not be conducted as either the parent or the progeny are on incompatible DNA platforms (Microsatellite vs SNP), the parent doesn’t have any DNA on file or no parents have been supplied.

Further Information
Only full members with NZHA have the ability to DNA test through NZHA
Genomic testing can take approx. 5-6 weeks
Parent verification (where possible) is always the last step in the process, and normally comes after we have received the rest of the results
Interim results are also often received from the lab e.g. there are 17 samples and 10 have been analysed. These 10 will be reported on while we wait for the other 7.
DNA results are then returned from the lab to the Herefords office, for loading into NZHA database. The results link directly to the animal by a case number and go live to the NZHA website.
Once all the results that have been received and loaded into the database, each individual member will likely receive a report to your nominated email address. Please ensure that your email address is up to date. (This is still working progress).


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