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Dairy Beef Progeny Test:

Limestone Downs home to 640 Hereford- and Angus-cross dairy-beef calves, had more than half of of their progeny reach weaning weight by early November. The mean birth weight of Hereford-cross calves was 37.3 kg for AB sires bred to the cow herd, and 35.7 kg for yearling bulls bred to the first-calving heifers. Mean gestation length for Hereford-cross AB calves was 283 d. DNA parentage has been confirmed for the earliest 70% of calves and will be back soon for the remainder, allowing sire comparisons to begin. There will be an opportunity to view the calves at Limestone Downs annual open day in Port Waikato on Tuesday 14th February.

Beef Progeny Test:

Despite Mendip Hills being badly affected by the recent earthquake in October, Simon Lee made the big decision to continue with the AI of the Hereford herd. This was excellent news as although the project has used Hereford bulls at Rangitaiki and a handful at Whangara, it needs Mendip Hills for meaningful Hereford numbers.

NZHA and B+L Genetics NZ would like to thank all the breeders who nominated sires for the project.  The successful NZHA sires selected for the project are:

Kairuru Ilke 110006

Tlell 29F Red Cedar 8N

Ardo Achilles 120

Ardo Bismark 4265

Koanui Techno 3062

Te Taumata Foundation 14684

Grassmere Galant 9

Injemira Anzac K220

Matariki 140255

Orari Gorge Oligarch 140025

SHF All Star


The sires used in the progeny tests can now be viewed via IRL2





3rd Cohort 2016

Kairuru Ike 110006

Tlell 29F Red Cedar 8N

Ardo Achilles 120

Ardo Bismarck 4256

Koanui Techno 3062

Te Taumata Foundation 14684

Grassmere Gallant 9

Injemira Anzac K220

Matariki 140255

Orari Gorge Oligarch 140025

SHF All Star


2nd Cohort 2016

Bluestone 140015

Bluestone 140027


Te Taumata Deluxe 12520

Orari Gorge Mischief 120083

Ardo Bismarck 4256

Koanui Briton 2044

Craigmore Opium 10214

Beechwood Doubtless

Ardo Ezicalve Caspian

2nd Cohort 2015   

Ardo Fargo 1154

Bluestone 080014

Colraine Code Word 13 139

Grassmere Spark 555

Koanui Chiefly 2510

Koanui Unanimous 0408

Limehills Stamper 20719

Monymusk Gallant 110089

Orari Gorge Mischief 120083          


 1st Cohort 2015

Bluestone 080014*

Bluestone 120061*

Flagstaff Big Red E8

Flagstaff Dynamo G6

Westholm Koala K13

Okawa Marshall 0109*

Wirruna Echuca E99 (imp Aus)*

Ardo Fargo 1154*

Riverton Baltic 09 183 (EZI)

Koanui Rocket 0219 (BM)*

Colraine Code Word 13 139*

Kairaumaiti Coal Face 1482

Beechwood Turk*

Otapawa Spark 3060 (ET)(BM)*

Koanui Unanimous 0408*

Koanui 4081

Burnfoot Playboy (ET)(BM)

Matapouri Koa 09 99

Otengi Wisco 23

Limehills Awesome x117

Ardo Archilles 120

Limehills Stamper 20719

Craigmore Baton 140337

Mahuta Kimo 4029

Haumoana Accent 14032

Craigmore Baton 140323

1st Cohort 2014

Otapawa Spark 3060

Waikaka Turning Point 110015

Okawa Davis 7046

Okawa Marshall 0109

Matariki Holy Smoke

Nithdale Elvis

Koanui Rocket 0219

Beechwood Turk 0051100094

Bluestone 120061

Wirruna Daffy D1

Glendan Park Top Gun W042 (IMP AUS)



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